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We are a group of dermatologists and physicians who provide medical and surgical dermatology care for both common and rare problems of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes.


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I had battled with adult onset acne until I met Dr Cynthia Ebie. She changed my life and boosted my self esteem. She is a medically trained dermatologist who knows her onions. She’s the best!!!

Isioma Coker

Adult Acne

I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have my skin and my confidence back! Everyone in Dermalagos Clinic has been so efficient and friendly, making me feel very comfortable.

Amanda Mayhem

I go there regularly for my psoriasis and have always had wonderful customer service. The staff at the Dermalagos Clinic were all very friendly and professional and I loved working with Dr. Wang. She is a fantastic doctor!

Melony Dowen

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At the Dermalagos Clinic, we have assembled an outstanding team of doctors who are  in the cosmetic and dermatology fields.

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Explore Anti-Aging Program

The laser cause skin changes that stimulates new collagen growth to smooth and tighten the skin. You will continue to make new collagen for 6 months after a Pixel treatment

Strategically positioning dermal injectables to give the face a refreshed look.

Targeted chemical exfoliatants to address aged related concerns of fine lines and sunburn